Text Iklan

Ciri2 Teks Iklan biasanya :
– Ada produk barang/jasa yang diiklankan
– Keistimewaan produk/jasa
– Persentase diskon
– keterangan harga

Yang sering ditanyakan antara lain:
1. Menentukan tujuan komunikasi teks iklan
2. Keistimewaan produk
3. Persentase diskon dan keterangan harga (jika ada)
4 Alamat/ no. telp


1. Strategi menjawab soal menentukan tujuan komunikasi teks iklan
Tujuan komunikasi/purpose teks iklan adalah to advertise/advertisement,to promote/promotion ( untuk mempromosikan), to persuade…to… ( membujuk… untuk…)

2. Strategi menjawab soal keistimewaan produk
Untuk menjawab soal tentang keistimewaan produk/jasa,persentase discount, dll., perhatikan kata kunci di dalam pertanyaan, lalu carilah kata itu di dalam teks, maka akan segera diketahui jawabannya

Contoh soal 1
7 days only
Store wide
At all DC World Bookstore
Up to 40% discount

What is the purpose of the text above ?
a. To announce the discount at DC World bookstore
b. To inform the promo at DC World Bookstore
c. To tell us about the 40% discount
d. To advertise the bookstore
Jawaban: D

Free car LCD & PS ONE*)
Celebarating Indomobil 27th anniversary
Off the road:
171,5 m Spirit
236 m Kingroad
2009,5 m Grandroad

Take your family on a vacation
with the tough Nissan Terrano
See the break of dawn up at Mount bromo
or watching the breath-taking view of the sunset
at Senggigi Beach, Lombok.
Hurry start your trip today
because NISSAN TERRANO Spirit SI now comes with an entertainment package
Car LCD 7 + Play Station PS One*)
While stocks last.

What is the purpose of the text above?
a. to entertain the owner of NISSAN TERRANO car using PS One and Car LCD 7
b. to inform the people to enjoy Bromo and Sengigi Beach using NISSAN car
c. to give entertaiment package, “Car LCD 7″ and ” PS One” to the owner of NISSAN car
d. to promote the new versions of NISSAN TERRANO car

Jawaban: D

A free-from swimming pool offers a relaxing range of options; a tropical oasis which includes a lap pool and terrace bar. Sun loungers and pavilion areas create ample space for leisure and a regular program of water sports and activities is held daily.
A full-equipped gymnasium, health club and massage centre is avaible for guest use, with experienced health and fitness professionals to provide expert assistance. At poolside, the Laguna Pool Terace serves drinks and light meals throughout the day

What is the text about?
A. The benefits of a hotel in Bali.
B. A description of a hotel in Bali.
C. An information of a hotel in Bali.
D. An advertisement of a hotel in Bali.
• Kunci jawaban: d
• Pembahasan: Teks di atas adalah sebuah iklan hotel di Bali, hal ini dapat dilihat pada kalimat pertama.

Soal tentang keistimewaan produk/jasa

Where should you go if you want to get some meals?
A. At Sun loungers and pavilion terrace.
B. At the Laguna Pool Terrace.
C. At a tropical oasis.
D. At poolside.
• Kunci jawaban: B
• Pembahasan: Jawaban dari pertanyaan di atas dapat dijumpai pada paragraph 2 kalimat terakhir


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