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The following text is for questions 1 to 5
Mr. Warsidi has a garden in his yard, and he likes to work there. He says it is fun . Today he is planting flowers in the garden. There is also an old mango tree in the yard. He always cuts the leaves and the branches in taking care of it. He said that the flowers must get more sun. Mr.Warsidi often involves his children to take care together of the garden. So they will understandhow to take care their environment. Many people tell Mr. Warsidi how beautiful his garden is.
1. What is Mr. Warsidi’s hobby
a. planting
b. Singing
c. Climbing
d. Decorating

2. What is he planting in the garden today?
a. tree
b. Rambutans
c. Mango
d. Flower

3. What tree does he always cut its leaves and branches?
a. coconut
b. Mango
c. flower
d. rambutans

4. Why does he always cut them ?
a. to take care of it
b. To plant
c. to grow
d. to be died

5. What do many people think about his garden?
a. his garden is bad
b his garden has flower
c. his garden is beautiful
d. many trees are in his garden

6. Karno : You seem to be very busy this
Suti: Yeah, I am. I am moving these flower
pots to that side.
Karno : ………………………
Suti : Oh, that’s very kind of you. Thank
a. Is it okay if I am here ?
b. Can you help me ?
c. Would you need any help ?
d. How about this pot ?

7. Jaka : Pass the salt for me, please !
Budi: …………(acceptance)
a. thank you
b. here you are
c. take by your self
d. sorry, I can’t

8. Susi : You have a lot of things to do today.
Yoen : Yes, as usual
Susi : ………………
Yoen : No thanks. I’ll try to do it myself. It’s my job.
a.Would you do me a favor ?
b.May I help you, then
c.Let me leave you alone
d.Is it your daily activities

9. Father: I’ve told you to water the plants.
Did you water them yesterday?
Rian : ….
a.No problem
b.Yes, I did
c.Thank you
d.Sorry, I can’t

10. Sony : Can I use your computer, please
Dina: ………….I’m using it
a. Of course
b. no problem
c. I’m sorry
d. sure

11. A : What do you think about Senggigi
Island ?
B: …………….(giving opinion)
a. I think it’s beautiful
b. Sorry, I can’t
c. No problem
d. Yes, Sure

12. A : Jimmy, ……………….your cell phone’s
number please?
B : Of Course!
a. I don’t think so
b. Can I have
c. What do you think of
d. Can you
13. Budi: Which is the most exciting game for
you here?
Dani: Well, I must say that roller coaster is
the most exciting game.
Budi: …. the roller coaster gave me an
unforgetable experience
a.I don’t think so
b.Thank you
c.Yes, Sure
d.Yes, I agree

14. Amran: … lions compared to cheetahs?
Amir: I think lions are bigger than cheetahs
a.Do you know
b.Do you agree
c.What do you know
d.What do you think of

The following text is for questions 15 to 18
There is a new hotel in my city. It is a four star hotel. It is located downtown.
The hotel is not very big but the architecture is very beautiful. It looks like a classic castle in Europe. According to the brochure, it has 100 rooms, a fancy restaurant, complete sports facilities including a swimming pool, tennis court, gym and sauna, there are also a coffee shop and a karaoke room.
The pictures of the rooms in the brochure are very nice. The rooms look very comfortable. It they contain a big spring bed with big pillows, a nice sofa, a wardrobe and a television system with programmes from all over the world. The bathroom is very beautiful although it is not very big. It has a bath-tub with hot and cold water so guests can bath in it comfortably.
The brochure says “Hospitality is our trademark.” The staff of that hotel, from the receptionists, house keepers, and bellboys are trained to be polite and to help guests in any way they can.

15. What makes the hotel different from
other hotels?
a.It has 100 rooms, a fancy restaurant,
complete sports facilities
b.It has a bath-tub with hot and cold
c.It looks like a classic castle in Europe
d.It is not very big

16. How many rooms does the hotel have?
a. One karaoke room
b. Complete rooms
c. One hundred rooms
d. The rooms look very comfortable

17. How do the rooms of the hotel look like?
a. They look like a classic castle in Europe
b. They look very comfortable
c. They look very beautiful
d. They look very exciting

18. What is the motto of the hotel?
a. Self-service
b. Seeing is believing
c. No money, no love
d. Hospitality is our trademark

19. 1. faster- 2. cheetahs – 3. lions– 4. run – 5. than
The correct arrangement is …
a. 2– 4–1– 5– 3
b. 2– 1– 5–3– 4
c. 2– 1 – 5– 3 – 4
d. 2– 1– 3 – 4– 4

20. 1. do – 2. like – 3. I – 4. not –5. banana
The correct arrangement is …
a. 2– 4–1– 5– 3
b. 3– 1– 4–2–5
c. 2– 1 – 5– 3 – 4
d. 2– 1– 3 – 4– 4


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