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GREETING CARD (Kartu Ucapan) adalah text yang berupa kartu ucapan yang biasanya diberikan kepada seseorang untuk menyampaikan: ucapan selamat (Congratulations), perasaan simpati (sympathy). Permintaah maaf (apology), atau saran (suggestion).

1.Congratulations (Ucapan Selamat)

Kata-lata yang sering dipakai:
a. Happy
Happy birthday = Selamat ulang tahun
Happy New Year = Selamat Tahun Baru
Happy anniversary = selamat hari jadi
Happy Feast Day = Selamat Hari Raya

b. congratulations/congratulate
Congratulations on passing your exam = Selamat Anda lulus ujian

Ucapan selamat sering disampaikan karena:
Birthday = ulang tahun
Engagement = tunangan
Wedding/getting married = pernikahan
Passing an exam = lulus ujian
Winning a contest/copetition memenangkan lomba
Getting a scholarship = mendapat beasiswa
Getting a scholar degree = mendapat gelar kesarjanaan
Getting a new job = mendapat pekerjaan baru
Job promotion = promosi pekerjaan
Birth of baby = kelahiran bayi

Yang sering ditanyakan:
a. Jenist /tujuan teks (the purpose of the text)
b. Siapa yang menyampaikan ucapan selamat
c. Kepada siapa ucapan selamat itu disampaikan
d. Hubungan antara orang yang menyampaikan dan yang menerima ucapan
e. Isi ucapan
f. Referensi kata

Contoh soal

Dear Febriana

Congratulations on your success to win the speech contest at your school. With all the speech talent,you should feel much honored, I am proud of you.


1. What is the writer’s purpose of writing the text?
A. To congratulate febriana
B. To inform the readers about the competition
C. To train someone to be a good writer
D. To express the true friendship

2. Anindya feels proud of febriana because she…
A. enjoys speech
B. has won the contest
C. promoted her talent
D. has joined the competation

Dear Lisa,

Congratulations on your winning the prize of the English debate competition. I learned about from your Mom.


3. Who won the English debate competition?
A. Ella
B. Lisa
C. Lisa’s mother
D. Ella’s mother

Dear Rio,

Congratulations on your success as the top scorer.
I know you are one of the best players that our school has. Good luck for the next competition.


4. Petra writes the card to Rio for his success….
A. at school team
B. at school competition
C. as the best player at school
D. as the top scorer in the sport competition

5. The word “I” in the text refers to…..
A. Rio
B .Petra
C. reader
D. receiver

2. Sympathy (perasaan simpati)
Sympathy ialah ucapan turut merasakan kesedihan sebagaimana yang dialami orang lain.

Kata-kata yang sering digunakan antara lain:
sorry to hear = sedih mendengar
condolence = duka cita
sad = sedih
get/feel better = menjadi/merasa lebih baik (sembuh)

I am sorry to hear your father pass away
Please accept my condolence
That’s so sad
Hopefully, you get better soon

Ucapan simpati sering disampaikan karena:
Pass away/death/dead/lost = kematian
Sick/ill/ail = sakit
A lot of troubles = banyak masalah
Bad accident = kecelakaan
Fail an exam = gagal (tidak lulus) ujian

Soal-soal yang sering ditanyakan antara lain:
a. Jenis /tujuan teks (the purpose of the text)
b. Siapa yang menyampaikan ucapan simpati
c. Kepada siapa ucapan simpati itu disampaikan
d. Hubungan antara orang yang menyampaikan dan yang menerima ucapan
e. Isi ucapan
f. Referensi/persamaan/lawan kata

Please accept our deepest condolence for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. May God bless you & give peace to your hearth
Loves, All your friends in Class IX

1. The function of the text is…
A. to accept the condolence card
B. to bless the God
C. to show sympathy
D. to congratulate Bobby

2. The word “our” in the card refers to…….
A. your friends in class IX
B. reader and writer
C. writer’s friends
D. Bobby’s friends

3. The opposite meaning of the word “accept” is…
A. receive
B. refuse
C. attract
D. wish

Deepest condolence and heartfelt sympathies to Drs.lkhsanudin Saputra and family, the headmaster SMP “Satriatama’° Purbalingga on the recent bereavement of his beloved wife.

4. The purpose of the text is…..
A. give symphaty of sick people
B. give congratulation on someone’s
C. give symphaty of passing people
D. give congratulation of someone’s symphaty

5. From the text we know that….
A. It is a condolence card of Drs Ikhsanudin’s wife passing
B. Drs Ikhsanuddin had passed away
C. Drs Ikhsanuddin sent the card for his wife
D. The card was from the headmaster.

6. The word “his” refers to…..
A. Headmaster of our school
B. The wife of Drs Ikhsanuddin.
C .The writer of the card
D. The reader of the card

Dear: Nurul
I heard that you were hospitalized. So sad to see you in bed. I wish you’ll be better soon. May you would be back to your spirit.
Your pen friend, Betty

7. The writer wrote the text to……
A. express her pleasure
B. show her sickness
C. go to the hospital
D. to express her sympathy

8. The card was sent because Nurul was……
A. dead
B. sick
C. healthy
D. better

9 Who is the sender of the card?
A. Your pen-friend
B. My pen-friend
C. Nurul’s pen-pal
D. Betty’s pen-pal

Dear Rini,
My thoughts and prayers are with you.
I’m so sorry for your loss

9. The purpose of the text is….
A. to congratulate and pray for Rini
B. to say sorry for Rini
C. to express sympathy
D. to show the happiness

10. Why does Rahma send the card? Because Rini…..
A. passed away
B. passed the way near Rahma’s house
C. passed the examination
D. passed the happy time

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